Pressure relief when sitting

Many of our clients report struggling to sit for long periods of time, even with regular standing breaks.

Having suffered sciatica, coccyx bruising, piriformis and a sacroiliac joint injuries over the years, I can fully sympathise!  It is for this reason, that I am pleased to announce that we can now offer an optional inflatable seat cushion, integrated into our seats, with a coccyx cut out.

So if you are experiencing pressure build up in your thighs, buttocks or coccyx, or have an injury in this area, just ask about adding this option in to your chair when ordering!

The pressure relieving inflatable seat cushion is available on all of our ergonomic office chairs.  Even our bespoke chairs are available on a 2 week trial period.

For free advice on the best option for your own particular back condition, just contact us at:

0203 475 4510.

or make an appointment to come and see our full range at our premises in Clerkenwell.

We look forward to hearing from you.